My Ham Radio Activities

After becoming a Radio Amateur in 2018, my life has changed in so many ways. Here is my ham review for the last 2 years


It is not easy to condense everything that has happened in my life regarding our hobby but here are a few things………

Above all I have spoken to and met thousands of very positive OMs ("Old Man") and YLs ("Young Lady") around the world and I am now very fortunate to have so many likeminded friends!

I have travelled to many different countries in the world, it was exciting to attend the international YL-meetings in Friedrichshafen 2019 along with the special event in Czech Republic, OL88YL (an extremely well organized event run by Eva Thiemann HB9FPM).

If I am somewhere and I see an antenna and you tell me your callsign, it is as if we were already friends who had never met!

I remember with great fondness being QRV at club stations of Communication Museums such as, DL0DM in Munich and RK1A in Petersburg.

Participating in the contests were a truly great experience, contests such as CQ WW 2019, CQ WPX 2019 as well as CQ WPX SSB 2020 as single operator where I operated remotely from my flat in Russia!

I also learnt how to find Radio foxes (ARDF = Amateur Radio Direction Finding) and I have participated in competitions within this amazing, highly active kind of Radio sport in countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland and Norway!

As well as making QSO’s it has been a pleasure to design different QSL cards and the ELK Award, which I also manage.

Ric, DL2VFR attracted me to portable operation and so I began a new aspect of Ham Radio, that being QRV/portable from many interesting outdoors locations, be it with nature or in the city, during the daylight hours or in the night, activations of nature protected areas, (OHFF-0091 was my first experience), summits (e.g. SOTA), lighthouses (e.g. activation ERU-007), castles... until my first real DXPedition to Maly Vysotsky Island (IOTA EU-117). 

I will never forget my first Pile Up at the OH73ELK Shack, of course I was rather "confused" to start with when a lot of stations were all calling me at the same time but my guides Jukka, OH2BR and Boris, OH5ZZ helped me to manage this situation.

Once I had mastered how to handle a big pile up of callers, thousands of QSOs were made with almost all continents, (I still need Antarctica).

Amongst these many QSO’s there were some very memorable contacts, for example a QSO with Ray from the NASA Shack W5RRR as well as some very rare contacts with special callsigns or stations in extraordinary QTHs.

I have been constantly making movies about ALL of these experiences and when possible, I hold live streams directly onto my Social Media Channels.

My boyfriend Alex, along with other friends have been helping me a lot with Ham activities and of course, all of my subscribers inspire me to take further steps in the Radio world and promote our hobby as much as I can. 

If you would like to see the current, ongoing projects as well as my future plans or would like to help me in the promotion of Ham Radio, please read here


About Me
About Me

I love people,communications,travelling and the Elks! I am an optimist and appreciate every moment! I love life!

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Ham Radio Promotion
Ham Radio Promotion

Ham Radio has brought me some amazing emotions that I will share and hopefully attract new people into the hobby!


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