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All of my activities in creating Ham Content and Amateur Radio promotion has been carried out since 2018 with enthusiasm and thanks to the help of close friends. 
There is no monetisation on my Channels. All videos are Ad-free so you will not waste your time watching advertisements. With the increase in the numbers of videos and posts my intent to create content requires more time, effort and equipment.  So after two years I have decided to offer an option to those of you who would like and are willing to help me.

I often hear that Amateur Radio is out dated, that it is a dying hobby because there are too few newcomers. I believe in a different future of the Ham world and through my social networks, as well as directly on the air, I will strive to convey a positive impulse to a large number of people, not just to OM’s, already involved in Ham Radio, but to their YL’s and to completely new people. Please take a look at my social networks such as my YouTube Channel and you will see why I am so optimistic.

What I have already done and will continue:

  • Creation of regular, modern online content and videos aimed at Ham Radio promotion in all my social media
  • YouTube Channel "My Journey in Ham Radio" - for beginners and anyone who is yet to become a Radio Amateur
  • Special videos aimed at YL’s on the Short Wave bands
  • Advertising for programs Flora Fauna, SOTA, IOTA, WLOTA, RDA etc
  • Interviews with interesting hams, On-Air Live streams, DXpeditions
  • Personal meetings with you at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen, where I plan to be present with a small stand every year
  • Implementation of your ideas to promote our great hobby!

If you find my activities useful, entertaining or inspiring, consider following me on my social media accounts or maybe subscribe to my YouTube Channel or maybe even join my Patreon Community 

I have no platforms to support other than this one. Patreon is a very convenient and easy way for patrons to support creators.

Thanks to my first Patrons: W9CLL, WA2BBS, KJ7ODZ !

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