The QSO phraseology: Text & Voice in 10+ languages! 

For the first time online: the QSO Text and Audio with one mouse click! 10 languages available! My goal is 15 languages!

Big thanks:

To Jukka and Miika Heikinheimo, OH1BR/OH2BR and OH2BAD - Authors of the unique Radio Amateur's Conversation Guide (1980) for their incredible effort and the rights to use and develop their texts here; 

To Yuri Zagranichny, my friend and IT specialist - for his usable technical implementation of the idea to combine originally separate texts and audio into one place here;

To the international Team of native speakers for corresponding records: English (American): Laurie Margolis, G3UML, Jonathan Wilbanks, KN4TAK (text update 2021);  German: Heinz Kamper, DK4EI; Italian: Marco Strada; French: Andre Thill, LX2LA; Spanish: Jose Ortiz; Japanese: Takashi Aoki, JQ1NFY and Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya, JE1BQE (text and audio update 2021) Portuguese: Antonio Callixto, CT1DW;  Danish (update April 2021: a new language!): Tommy Clemmensen, OZ1THC; Finnish (update Mai 2021: a new language!): Jukka Heikinheimo, OH2BR, file editing by Ville, OH1UDC;  Russian: Raisa Skrynnikova, R1BIG (audio update January 2021) ;-) 

I would like to apologize, in advance, for any mistakes: the original Guide exists only on paper and there were errors during the digitization, I fixed hundreds of them in English/German/Russian, but not all yet.

We can help together to bridge the communications gap between different countries!

73 and 88 !

YL Raisa